Healthy Hostess Hack: Convenient Fruit & Veggies

Healthy Hostess Hacks! Plan an amazing shindig without forgetting your friend's health. @dontpanicmom

really like having people over at my house. It’s the only reason I clean my house. Thank goodness for guests – or my floors would house bacteria worthy of the National Science Fair. With guests in mind, let’s start planning for Super Bowl snacking. You clearly need another healthy hostess hack for those festivities. Today’s hack is about Continue reading

Send Your Pantry to Rehab

Pantry Rehab - 5 easy steps to a more efficient pantry Have you ever played the game, “I wonder if these are raisins?”

I’ve played that game. I’ve also played the game, “I wonder how old these almonds are,,,”

I could have several paragraphs dedicated to pantry guessing games. However, I’ve finally found my groove in pantry rehabilitation. So I won’t dwell in the past of expired bags of question marks.

Organized pantries can lead to healthier choices, less waste, and obviously less time searching and swearing.  Here are five easy steps to rehabilitate your pantry. Continue reading

I Get by With a Little Help From my (blogger) Friends

Blogger-FriendsI live in a community where healthy living isn’t mainstream. Sometimes I feel like I have five heads and thirteen googly eyeballs when I am checking out at the grocery store. “They are beets,” I tell the cashier, who is obviously annoyed that there are leaves dirtying the scanner and further more, no easy SKU to scan.

I resolved early when we moved here to embrace Continue reading