Become a School Wellness Ninja: Lesson 3

Want to make some noise at your school but want to be sneaky? Try this approach! From the Don't Panic Mom

Welcome to the next installment of your School Wellness Ninja Training. By now you should feel like you have a few ninja tricks up your sleeve. I’m so glad you could make it. School wellness advocacy is a lonely road and you’re lovely company.

Another trademark characteristic of a ninja is camouflage. Ninjas can seamlessly Continue reading

Crazy about Broccoli and School Wellness

broccoli hat

Happy Friday, Friends. I am so lucky to have a community of supportive readers. I’ve had a tough week in the trenches of school wellness. I don’t feel defeated. I just feel tired. Really, really tired. The ball is rolling, but there’s a hill.

I am passionate about creating healthy environments for everyone. But I am especially Continue reading

Healthy Classrooms Matter.


I am an optimist by nature. I typically like a writing style that is full of sunshine-and-rainbows. However, this week I opted to write with a more serious tone. Head over to my article in The Fort Morgan Times. Share it like crazy if you agree with the message. Have a great weekend! I’ll be roaring to go on Monday with a week full of school wellness resources for Moms like you who want to make difference. (Without the panic, right?)