My Go-To Pregnancy Salad

My favorite salad! Sweet Potato and Black Beans with GreensThe title is misleading because I eat this salad when I am not pregnant. Sorry if you feel misled.

I realized that having a go-to combination of reliable yumminess helps me eat my greens when I’m feeling like Bleh. I’m pretty sure that’s nearly every day these days. But I can handle anything for a few more weeks, right? Especially with yummy greens. Continue reading

Veggie Dinosaur Landscape


Getting kids to munch on raw veggies isn’t always easy. It’s especially difficult if they’re faced with an enormous bowl of veggies and instructed to chomp. Or Else.

That’s why I try to make veggies fun. When the focus is on play, it takes the pressure off. The pressure is off, but magically vegetables in their hands and there is no battle. Nearly always Continue reading

Dinosaur Veggies for Kids

Snack and Lunch Ideas for Dino Loving Kids! Lots of veggies in these super easy recipes!The coolest dinosaurs were herbivores. This coincidence makes it convenient to call any veggie by a dinosaur name. Asparagus can quickly become Stegosaurus Spikes. Broccoli is suitable for  Brachiosaurus Bites. And any leafy green can be proclaimed, “Dinosaur Leaves!”

If you’re willing to put aside your pride and play in the kitchen you might have results like this: Continue reading