Veggie Dog Mummies

Veggie-Dog-HeaderKneading dough is therapeutic. Which is what most mammas need after surviving Halloween parties at school. I survived three. Barely.

These veggie dog mummies are super fun and are the perfect way to get little people into the kitchen. But then again, today you may not have any little people in your house. You probably have a collection of princesses, ninjas, or dragons.

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Making Monsters with 34 Degrees Whole Grain Crisps


Halloween used to make me cringe. Now I think it is my favorite time of year to introduce new veggies and flavors to my kids. Anything green can become zombie related. Purple cabbage, sungold tomatoes, curly kale – they all become my allies. I can quickly turn them into something spooky or give it a lame clever name. My kids love Continue reading