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Hi! I’m Alli and I love being a mom. However, my academic training caused me to enter parenthood with a lot of anxiety about keeping my kids healthy. I don’t like being negative, naggy, or tired. So I decided to use my academic training in public health and marketing to transform my home into my best scientific study yet. I’ve swapped my panic for a fun, positive approach to family health. I’m living the dream with three kids, a hunky husband, and nine chickens in eastern Colorado.

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This blog is my panic-free answer to my mom peers. There’s a lot of pressure on our shoulders to be perfect. Don’t panic, my sweet mamma friends. You are incredible and you can make transitions to healthier living with kids in tow. Come laugh with my crew as we learn to make the switch to whole grains. Come cringe with me as I learn to make exercise a habit. Come sympathize with me as I navigate toddlers at meal time. These posts are all about a real life with stretchmarks.

My not-so-secret strategy is to create an environment at home that does all the work for you. I’ve engineered our home to make healthy choices the default. Phew. Now my annoying passion is spilling out at school and in our rural community in eastern Colorado.


Make this blog work for you. Trade in your panic for a few healthy changes. Tweet, comment, and join in challenges to be part of the Don’t Panic Mom Community. Let’s change our environment so the healthiest choice is the easiest choice.


Are you a mom and health professional who likes to write? Let’s connect.

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