defeated on halloween.

There I was at the Dollar Tree, bold and energetic, searching for something non-candy to distribute to ghosts and miniature versions of Hannah Montana. My plan was to buy glow sticks. They are cool for a range of ages and they can use them that night as they leave my house eager to find someone with actual candy.

I could only find large glow sticks and I couldn’t rationalize dropping $100 to make my subtle non-candy statement (still paying off student loans…). I also looked for Halloween themed pencils, stickers, anything! No luck. The staff actually laughed when I asked where the Halloween trinkets were- as they set out Christmas merchandise.

What did I do? I bought tootsie rolls. Yes. I did. I felt depressed and defeated. How could I give out tootsie rolls???!!!!!

Halloween isn’t a problem and candy isn’t a problem. The problem comes when candy collection and consumption trumps common sense. So is there ANY point in trying to redefine the culture of Halloween? I say yes. It is tons of fun to dress up and spend time with friends and neighbors. I also realized that no one is forcing me to give out empty-calories from my front porch.

My Halloween plan for 2012… I found glow sticks at Michaels Craft Store – 15 sticks for $1. That fit into my budget and my message. Cool.

Will you join me in handing out non-candy items from your porch? What’s your plan?