Jury Duty and Cinnamon Rolls

The Scene: Jury Duty

I thought I would be the social hero by sweetening-up my fellow jurors. I told the disappointed group that I would bring homemade cinnamon rolls if we were called back for another day of service. We were. Then I had one of the most important “crap trap” realizations of my life.

While waiting on some court formalities we were all waiting in the deliberation room. I was conversing with a middle-aged gentleman about his family. He took the conversation to an unexpected place, diabetes. He said that his entire family, including his himself, had the disease. If fact, his mother had lost a leg from complications. His brother’s legs were also soon to be amputated.

My mind was racing. Was this guy serious? I can’t believe what I am hearing! He contentedly ate my cinnamon rolls while we waited to go back to the court room. I felt like a criminal. How many functions have I brought these treats? Too many to count.

These cinnamon rolls are amazing. I won’t change the recipe. But I will change the size of the actual rolls and the frequency in which I serve them.

I am so grateful for that “Crap Trap” moment because it helped me realize that I can contribute to a culture that supports health. Which will be good for everyone, diabetic or otherwise. I am leader when I bring fruit, instead of cinnamon rolls.

Have you had to change a tradition to make it healthier?