Recovering Fish-Cracker Adict.

Fish Crackers were a safety net. I’d never get any push-back from my toddlers with these crunchy salt-bombs. I never thought twice about buying and serving them to my children until I read an evocative article on BabyCenter.

The author interviewed, among others, Ari Brown, pediatrician and author. She blatantly spoke out against the fish-shaped cracker. The crackers with the catchy jingle that I can still remember from childhood. The crackers that I assumed were an obligation of parenthood. You have some kids – you feed them these orange crackers.

The article, “The Five Worst Foods for Babies,” states,

“[Crackers] make convenient snacks once your baby can bite and chew, but it won’t take many to satisfy your little one’s appetite, leaving no room for nutrient-rich foods. Also, just as eating sweet things can help babies develop a sweet tooth, eating salty things can give them a “salty tooth.” The survey presented at the 2009 ADA conference found that nearly three-quarters of toddlers and preschoolers get more than the recommended daily amount of sodium.”

“The ever-popular fish-shaped crackers fall into this category. “What a waste of calories in a snack,” says Brown. “Fruit slices are a much better choice.” And if you’re looking for an instant grab-and-go snack, low-sugar cereals have more nutritional value than crackers, she says.” read the rest here

This article rocked my world. I remember being distinctly annoyed. Sometimes convenience snacks are my salvation during a rushed afternoon. After my annoyance I decided to try something radical. I wouldn’t replace our box when it was empty. I would try her suggestion: Fruit.

It has been over 6 months and my children haven’t requested the crunchy salt-bombs once. They ask for apples.