Redefine Convenience Food: dried fruit

My favorite portable convenience food right now is dried fruit. Each of my children has a favorite. Big P likes apricots, Middle E likes dates, Little A loves freeze-dried mango. I consistently have dried fruit around because it is so easy to “grab and go.”

Why is this a true convenience food?

  • It packs well.
  • No peels to throw away.
  • Tasty.
  • Full of fiber.
  • Everyone in my family likes it.
  • Available in all grocery stores and some gas stations.

Dried fruit isn’t new of course. But, we all need a reminder that it is the original fruit snack. Look for dried fruit without any added sugar.

Pick a few new fruits to try this summer with your crew like currants or figs. Pack them in your favorite plastic bag or container and get moving!