Easy Steamed Edamame: Why didn’t anyone tell me?

Do you ever discover something so wonderful that you can’t believe no one ever told you about it?

I feel this way about steamed Edamame. This fun-to-pronounce food was such a hit with my kids I laughed out loud. They were literally begging for more. They busted out all of the politeness they could muster. I felt like a kitchen celebrity.

If this weird word is new to you let me give you a quick tutorial. Edamame, in short, is a soy bean. It is usually served boiled or steamed in the pod and lightly salted. Seapoints Farms, largest US importer and manufacturer of soy products, boasts numerous health benefits on their website. If your family is a “meat and potatoes” kind of family, use soy to introduce plant-based protein in a fun way. Edamame contains things you want; protein, fiber, and omega 3s. It is also low in fat, saturated fat, and cholesterol. Maybe it really is a “Wonder Veggie.

My top 2 favorite things about serving Steamed Edamame:

  1. It is a plant-based way to get a complete protein. That’s right ladies, soy contains all essential amino acids.
  2. Your kids love the process of opening the pods and popping out the beans.

I used SeaPoint Farms steamer bags. After steaming directly in the bag I tossed a little salt on them and served. It’s so easy it’s not even a recipe! Try this wonder veggie. You will be a kitchen celebrity, too.


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  1. Tracy Frick says:

    Where do you find the Seapoint Farms brand?

    1. Alli says:

      Here is a link to the store locator. I bought ours at Sam’s Club. Good Luck! I hope you love them as much as we did.


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