Gearing Up for FearLESS Friday: Facebook Challenge

For FearLess Friday this week I am going to do two brave things:

  1. Make something with parsnips (requested by Big P after he saw them on Curious George)
  2. Post ‘before and after’ photos of myself

There’s a catch with my ‘before and after’ pictures: I will only post if I can get 100 more likes on the Don’t Panic, Mom Facebook page. There is power in community. That’s the big idea behind Don’t Panic, Mom. You don’t feel like such a weirdo making healthy changes when you’re part of a group. Here’s a fun way to build our community.

I got the idea to post ‘before and after’ pics when I was watching a ridiculous commercial for a home workout system. I absolutely LOVE to see healthy transformations. I certainly don’t have a six-pack. But after three pregnancies and lots of work, I finally feel comfortable in my skin. Stretch marks and all.

I will show my heaviest point in 2008 and my current healthier and happier state. Initially I thought it would be embarrassing to show my super chubby photos. However, my vulnerability is win-win. You’ll either think:

“Phew! I’ve never been that big!”


“If she can do it, I can do it!”

Either way, you’ll feel good.Send your friends over to the Don’t Panic, Mom Facebook page right away! 


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  1. Brittany Braun says:

    For our FearLESS Friday we are trying a new vegetable! We bought a few leeks and are going to use them on a homemade white pizza, in an Asian dish, and in place of regular onion in our corn chowder.

    1. Alli says:

      Wo Hoo! That’s awesome. Let us know how the pizza turns out!

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