FearLESS Friday #3: Running Shoes versus a Really Big Spoon

I am typically crankier in the afternoon. It’s when I am completely ready to put my younger two down for naps. I decided for FearLESS Friday I would find a more productive way to deal with my afternoon stress. I knew it was time for an intervention when my mind kept going over (and over and over) my to-do-list, “change Little A’s diaper, start another load of laundry, unload the dishwasher, water the garden.” I was also pondering, “do we have any ice cream?”

On Fridays my husband gets off work earlier, so I jumped at the chance to take Big P for an exercise date. I know that exercise is medicine. According to Stephen Ilardi, prominent psychiatrist and author of The Depression Cure: The 6-Step Program to Beat Depression without Drugs, exercise literally changes how your brain works. In a good way. Exercise releases those wonderful feel-good chemicals called endorphins. Exercise is something consistently studied as a way to improve symptoms of depression and decrease job-related stress. Hello, Motherhood.

We went to a park and ran, climbed, chased, and did pushups. I like to exercise in the morning solo before the kids wake up. I’m thrilled that an additional dose of movement helped me relax and forget about my own ‘job-related stress.’ Laundry and dishes will always be part of managing my home. Exercise is my not-so-secret weapon in handling it with a smile. Thanks FearLESS Friday for giving me a reason to use exercise as my stress-reliever instead of a pint of chocolate ice cream.

How were you FearLESS on Friday?

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Disclaimer: Mothering is TOUGH. If you are feeling depressed, frustrated, or alone seek help from your spouse, parents, and medical providers. You are not weak if you ask for help.