FearLESS Friday #5: Produce Tourism and a Chayote Squash with Thorns

Our weekend was packed. I can’t say I missed the computer. While we were driving in the Big City (Denver), we decided to do a little Produce Tourism. The traditional grocery store will always have a place in feeding families.  But creative minds have multiplied the ways to get fruits and veggies onto your table.

Have you tried any of these?

  • Community Supported Agriculture (CSA)
  • Organic Home Delivery Companies
  • Farmers’ Markets
  • Food Co-ops
  • Produce Stands
  • Community Gardens
  • Wholesale Produce Suppliers

On a whim during FearLESS Friday, we Googled and GPSed our way to Alpine Summit Sales, a wholesale produce supplier open to the public.  Big P and Middle E had the time of their lives running through the warehouse and looking at exotic fruits and vegetables.  Big P picked out a dangerous-looking (and painful) “cactus pear.”

Thanks to some Facebook friends, we identified it as a chayote squash with thorns.

It was refreshing to be in a store devoted to my favorite things: fruit, veg, grains, and spices.  It feels good to find a grocery store that features tomatoes instead of candy bars at the checkout.