FearLESS Friday #6: Making Ketchup

I sometimes feel like a modern weenie-of-a-woman. This happens when I can’t complete basic food preparations that women used to do while synchrolously milking cows and fending off several types of plague. I can still remember the moment, as a married adult, that I realized it was possible to make a cake without having a mix.

Embarrasing? No. I’m just the byproduct of a generation raised on boxed macaroni and cheese.

I decided a few years ago that I was capable of making anything from scratch. I wanted to learn how to actually cook with ingredients instead of prepared mixes.

In honor of FearLESS Friday I decided to focus on becoming more self-reliant in the kitchen. The world’s most adorable grocery store was having a killer deal on tomatoes from a local grower: $0.49/lb. My husband and I have canned diced tomatoes, marinara sauce, and salsa. We decided to do something more challenging: Ketchup.

I followed this recipe from Ball Canning. (I omitted the celery seed because I had napping babies and didn’t want to wait to get started.)

Is our ketchup tastier than the commercially prepared kind? Definitely. But, was it worth twelve hours? I’ll decide after I finish cleaning up all of the tomato seeds.

What did you do this Friday to be fearLESS? Share in a comment below, on Facebook, or Twitter.