FearLESS Friday #8: Becoming Teachable & Boot Camp

My personal health renaissance includes being a humble learner. I don’t know the first thing about weight training. It intimidates me. But I wish to eliminate my wobbly upper arms and graduate from “girl pushups” to actual pushups.

I began a 10-week Boot Camp at The Body Firm in Fort Morgan, Colorado. It began with a weigh-in and other body composition measurements.

I wanted to do a structured weight training program because watching YouTube videos isn’t my style. I need someone standing next to me saying, “keep your shoulders square…”

I am thrilled to be a student again. It is a skill to be teachable. My teacher and trainer, Jodi, is patient and kind. She didn’t even laugh when measuring my thighs. She didn’t roll her eyes when I didn’t know how to use a BOSU. I still don’t. But I will.


Jodi’s well-earned trophies show me I’ve got the right trainer.
My first weigh-in at Boot Camp.
Looking great at 5 am.

On FearLESS Friday, I went to Jodi’s Sunrise Yoga class to stretch away my aching hamstrings.

I’ll post an update after my next weigh-in and we’ll see if being teachable has any advantages.

Have you ever been the newbie at a gym? What helped you overcome feeling like a wimp? Let us know on the Don’t Panic Mom Facebook Page or in a comment below.