As Promised: Choose-Your-Own-Granola Recipe

Granola has long been associated with well-worn Birkenstocks. Not into wearing sandals with socks? That’s okay. You can still enjoy crunchy, satisfying granola.

When you are assembling ingredients try to stay away from dried coconut and other fruits with added sugar. This is easier said than done. But it will pay off as you gradually help your family become accustomed to the natural sweetness found in naked fruit. I tell my kids that fruit is nature’s candy. I know. I know. It’s annoying that I actually say that. But my kiddos don’t think I’m corny yet, or at least they are good at hiding their true feelings.

At our house we use granola in yogurt parfaits and frozen monkey popsIt is also a satisfying snack to send with my hubby for a quick boost during work hours. Whole grains, fruits, and nuts are great for sustaining your energy without the quick crash that comes after eating candy or drinking a can of soda.

I wanted a really useful printable recipe that gave you the freedom to “choose-your-own” flavors. Of course the title was stolen from the “choose your own adventure” books. I thought they were pretty cool in elementary school.

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Here’s a free printable to help you create your own granola masterpiece. Share your family’s favorite combinations in a comment below or on the Don’t Panic Mom Facebook Page.