FearLESS Friday #11: Spots on My Apples (and Worms)


Do you remember the line from that Joni Mitchell song? “…give me spots on my apples, leave me the birds and the bees, pleeeeease…”

This song kept coming to mind as we picked the very last apples left in a local orchard. I mention that they were the last apples, because they were weird enough that no one else wanted them. Some were just too high in the trees for easy picking. Others had gnarly worm holes. It was dirty work. But it was a blast.

It was a useless battle to control which apples entered Little A’s six-toothed mouth. I relented and let her run rampant among the fallen apples.  This was a great lesson in dirt, climbing trees, and bugs.

In our bags, we brought home ants, worms, and other wiggly things that also wanted these apples. I already know about competing with bugs for my food. It’s annoying. We stayed up late cutting out the worm tunnels and squirrel bite marks to make applesauce to use as a fat substitute in baking. Three cheers for my hunky husband who sent me to bed and finished canning. That’s love.

I truly love having healthy foods delivered neatly packaged to my super market. But it nice to involve everyone in real hunting and gathering.

What do you to to teach your kids that food is grown in dirt? Do you garden? Visit local farms? Orchards? Let us know all about it in a comment below or on the Don’t Panic Mom Facebook Page.