Why I Need “Duh” Research.

Do you ever read the results from scientific research and say, “Duh! My two-year-old could have told you that! I could have used that research grant to pay for diapers!” Sometimes studies are decidedly ridiculous. (When I typed ‘ridiculous health studies’ into the google search engine there were about 2,140,000 results in 0.45 seconds.)

One bit of research this week caught my attention. It is a classic DUH study, but I really needed the take home message. A study out this week from the Journal of Physical Activity reinforced that parent involvement is a big deal.

Kids do what their parents model, and one study shows this in parents’ and kids physical activity. At National Jewish Health in Denver, Kristen Holm looked at data on 83 families with overweight or obese kids ages 7 to 14. Children and parents got a goal of increasing their physical activity by 2,000 steps a day.

Holm says that, on days when a parent reached or exceeded the goal, the kids did, too – but not otherwise. (Department of Health and Human Services, 2012)

Isn’t that a great DUH study!

I enjoy exercising on my own in the morning before the kids wake up. But, as the weather turns chilly, we are going on fewer park dates. We are also spending less time in the backyard. I’m getting lazy including my kiddos in fun movement because I’m getting my big workouts done in the morning. And it’s definitely NOT an option to take them to the gym at 5:00 am. I don’t mind throwing on a few extra layers and heading out for the park. But I need to mix things up a little bit.

I need a little help from my friends. Any tips for getting toddlers moving during cold weather? Leave a comment below or on the Don’t Panic Mom Facebook Page.

Read the rest of the study summary from the Department of Health and Human Services with a little click.

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