FearLESS Friday #17: More Produce Tourism and Persimmons

We found ourselves antsy to get out of the house on Friday afternoon. FearLESS Friday gave us a great reason to do some produce tourism in our small town. We stopped at this tiny tienda to scope out their produce selection and prices.

We were happily greeted by boxes of fresh fruit, including some baby bananas, persimmons, and quince. In the rear of the store they had oodles of vegetables and fresh cilantro. Not only did they did have the best looking cilantro in town, but a really good price. I had fun looking through the cactus paddles and prickly pears. We bought a few unfamiliar things to try as well as some of that beautiful cilantro. Another unexpected bonus: Big P will be taking a bright orange persimmon to school tomorrow for “orange week.”


The point of produce tourism is to help expose my kiddos to a bigger variety of fruits and vegetables. Novelty can help kids accept new tastes. Plus, it can help change the conversation from “EAT your VEGETABLES” to “Let’s try this new vegetable together!”

Have you ever been a produce tourist? Let us know what you found in a comment below or on the Don’t Panic Mom Facebook Page

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