Halloween: Keep the Fun, Cut the Crap

Are you nervous about maintaining a healthy home during the week of Halloween? Or do you just throw your hands up and allow sugar comas to reign supreme? I think there can be some moderation. You can still be an exciting mom without handing out trans fats from your front steps. I’m handing out glow sticks.

This year I’ve also been introduced to the Halloween classroom party. Yikes. I’ve heard stories about those. Stories that make all pediatricians, dentists, and public health professionals weep and scream simultaneously. This year I simply asked my teacher if I could help make the classroom party a bit healthier. I made it non-combative and friendly. Later I was invited to bring fruit kabobs. Wo Hoo! I felt like I won the lottery. I’ll put pics up on the Don’t Panic Mom Facebook Page tomorrow.

I’ve collected some great posts and resources from around the web to help persuade you to join with me in making Halloween a bit healthier:

Are you going to try to make Halloween healthier? If yes, what are your plans? If no, why not? Let us know in a comment below or even better, on the Don’t Panic Mom Facebook Page.

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  1. caseyhinds says:

    I’m handing out glow sticks too! We do a tooth fairy candy swap and my kids think it’s the best part of Halloween. Details in this link: http://kyhealthykids.com/2013/10/23/a-sweet-halloween-swap/

  2. Jaime says:

    I’m handing out little boxes of Halloween themed temporary tattoos! There’s 12 tats to a box and 20 boxes in the package, it was actually cheaper than candy! Score!! 🙂

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