Meet Nicci, My Local Super (Food) Hero

I always mention to my boys that super heroes are given that title because they help people. Big P and Middle E love it when I call them a hero after helping me load dishes or bring me a diaper for Little A. My local food hero happens to be Nicci Derry. She brought Bountiful Baskets to Fort Morgan, a cheaper way for people to get fresh produce to their families. Read her story below, and you’ll discover why Mom’s really matter in health. According to LiveWell Colorado, Mother’s make a majority of the health decisions for the family, including buying the groceries. Thank you, Nicci, for doing what Mothers do best: help others. By bringing Bountiful Baskets to Fort Morgan you’ve helped connect hundreds of families to affordable fruits and veggies. You are my Super (food) Hero!

How did you discover Bountiful Baskets?
“I have a friend from Idaho that kept posting photos on facebook of baskets she got so I started looking into it. I figured there weren’t any sites close and was so happy that there were some sites already in Colorado!”

Why did you decide to start a site in Fort Morgan?
“I knew once I got my first basket in Eaton that this had to come to Fort Morgan. I’m very passionate about helping people get healthy foods to their families. I knew for $15 many more people would be able to do that. My Mom got baskets with me and I saw her eating more fruits and veggies that she felt she couldn’t afford before.”

Can you summarize your responsibilities as a volunteer site coordinator? Is it worth it?
“My responsibilities include overseeing the produce distribution on Saturday, helping the paticipants have a satisfactory experience, and about 2 hours of paperwork type stuff weekly. In the end I volunteer about 3-5 hours of my time each week.”

How does it feel to know you are helping increase the amount of fruits and veggies in the homes of co-op participants?
“I love when someone comes up to me and says,  ‘We had never tried a pomegranate before, they are so good!’ or, ‘My kids never used to eat fruits or veggies and now they love them!'”

Nicci, here are some pictures of happy participants who have tried new fruits and vegetables because of Bountiful Baskets!

Are you interested in bringing Bountiful Baskets to your town? Check out the steps to becoming a Site Coordinator. Don’t forget to bring your friends along for the ride. Many hands make light work.

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