FearLESS Thursday Follow Up

Thanks to FearLESS Thursday: Holiday Edition, we made sure to include active plans throughout the weekend. We also made one healthy food swap. Instead of goopy sweet potatoes with marshmallows we made baked sweet potato fries with rosemary. They were a hit. I’ll get a recipe up before next Thanksgiving. 🙂

I attempted to go to an early morning Zumba class at The Body Firm. I sadly showed up at the wrong time and the gym was locked and pitch black inside.  I read the poster a dozen times. Oh well. I’ll blame my blonde hair. I made up for it later by playing soccer with the kids, walking to the park, and going crazy in a bounce house.

The kids were remarkably better behaved than last Thanksgiving. I give credit to plenty of opportunities for physical activity. I want to give a big thanks to my in-laws for setting up soccer goals in the backyard. They even joined us at the park when it was a bit chilly.

On Black Friday we spent our fun money on admission to Jumpin’. It’s a giant warehouse filled with different bounce houses. We originally were planning on a movie. But going to Jumpin’ was a much better investment. We could come and go all day with the wristband. Little A had the time of her life going down the giant slides. I heard world-class girly squeals every time. It was great quad work for me lugging her up the slides. Did I mention Middle E also needed help on all of the slides? Lots of good climbing and wiggly weight training.

Now it’s your turn. How did you spend Thanksgiving weekend? Any new healthy traditions? Let us know in a comment below or on the Don’t Panic Mom Facebook Page.

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  1. katie seamons says:

    We swapped the green bean casserole with green beans from my BB. I added onion (also from the BB) and mushrooms with just a touch of butter and lots of chicken stock (a little at a time until they were cooked enough) . They were delicious!

  2. katie seamons says:

    …not to say that I didn’t make other traditional foods that were not very healthy… but I did make one swap! Wait! I did two! I did a sweet potato casserole with pecan/brown sugar crumb topping instead of candied sweet potatoes with marshmallows. I think I will cut even more of the sugar out next year though.

    1. Alli says:

      Don’t worry about enjoying some traditional treat-foods. Enjoying it on a holiday is one thing – enjoying every day is another. Your Thanksgiving table sounds DEEEE-licious.

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