Feel the MOMentum!

Check out this piece I wrote for LiveWell Colorado after attending their annual EatWell@School Fundraiser. It should make you feel like a powerhouse!


There was a lot of talk about momentum at the LiveWell Colorado Third Annual EatWell@School Fundraiser. All I kept thinking about was how many women sitting at those big, round tables were mothers. After all, moms put the mom in momentum. Haven’t heard that cheesy line before? It’s okay to laugh. But I am serious about mothers being at the forefront of changing the face of childhood obesity in Colorado.

According to the Colorado Statewide Attitude and Behavior Study in 2011 by LiveWell Colorado:

  • Mothers are more likely to be making an effort to be healthy.
  • They do most of the grocery shopping for the entire family.
  • They make decisions about after-school activities.
  • They are strongly motivated to do the best they can for their children, from role modeling to providing the best opportunities for a successful future.

Translation? Mothers are a big deal. Especially when it comes to healthy families.

Sitting at the LiveWell Moms table during the luncheon gave me a little picture of what this momentum looks like. These mothers have learned to pack healthy lunches and speak up to local parent-teacher organizations about creating a better wellness policy in their districts. These mothers have found new family traditions that include physical activity. These mothers wouldn’t consider themselves abnormal or heroic – they just consider it doing their job.

The centerpiece on our table featured a colander filled with gorgeous apples. We were encouraged to take an apple with us as a healthy afternoon snack. I’m willing to bet that the LiveWell Colorado staff member who furnished that idea is a mom. Who else but a mom would worry about what these adults would eat later in the day? I left the luncheon feeling optimistic and excited to be part of the momentum.

Do you want to be part of the momentum, too? Become a LiveWell Mom!