Top 10 Posts in 2012



Don’t Panic Mom has only been active since June 2012, so this isn’t a true “Best of 2012” list. But it doesn’t have the same kind of ring to say, “Best Posts Since June 2012.” These 10 posts are the best loved by the Don’t Panic Mom Community. Spend a little time laughing at my pictures in #2 and printing the recipe in #5 to try this weekend. Thanks for stopping by!

thanks#1: Thanks, Mom.  This short post has been the most popular every day since it was published. I wonder why?

before-and-after#2: Not Just Hot, Why Health Matters to Me 

#3: Grandma, I Need Your Help.

big p milk bubbles#4: Chocolate Milk: The Debate and My Solution. I wrote this before Big P entered public school. Here is an interview with the Renegade Lunch Lady, Ann Cooper, after Big P started drinking chocolate milk at school.

mac-and-cheese-ditch-the-box#5: Ditch the Box: Real Mac & Cheese Recipe Guest Post

whole grain cereal comp

#6: Product Labeling: Put a Rabbit on Wheat Chex

graham-crackers#7: FearLESS Friday #16: Home? Made? Whole Wheat Graham Crackers

Becky_guest-post#8: My culinary education took place in a bomb shelter [A Guest Post you Can’t Miss 

confetti pizza#9: Confetti Pizza with Whole Wheat Dough
This is one of my first posts that still brings in traffic. I know why. It’s just because this recipe is awesome. It’s versatile and easy to memorize. Love it. Maybe I’ll be making this for dinner tonight…

food is fuel

#10: Talk the Talk: Food is Fuel And if you missed it – here is the companion post, Talk the Talk: Listen to Your Body

Which post made you smile? or even better, which post made you actually do something to make your life a little healthier? It’s been an AWESOME six months! Let me know what else you’d like to see on the blog in a comment below or head over here to vote for the next big series.