Moms Matter: Interview with Tracy Boyle



Tracy Boyle recently told me in an interview that, “Moms should carry the message of obesity prevention.” I thought about this a bit, because I feel like I’ve already got too many hats to wear as a mother. Why me? Why us?

She continued, “We know that Moms are leaders in the household. Moms buy the food. Prepare the food. Pack the lunches. Sign kids up for sports. And they are also very connected. Moms communicate with other moms. They are the best resource for carrying the movement.”

Ah ha. Now I get it. Moms are involved in pretty much every health decision her children make. I thought about my own life with three small children. I’m the one who sings while we brush teeth to make sure we make it the full two minutes. I’m the one who makes the grocery list. I’m the one tying shoes before we go to the park. If I want to reverse the trend of childhood obesity the responsibility rests on my incredibly tired shoulders.

What she said next helped relieve my anxiety. Tracy mentioned that we need to redefine success. She said that, “Healthy living doesn’t have to be daunting. One small change is success. You don’t have to run a marathon or eat all organic food.”

Tracy also talked to me about the power of role modeling with healthy behaviors. She said that, “Moms put their kids first. But I’m looking to get moms doing it themselves. I want Moms to put themselves first. They are more effective teachers by showing, not just saying. [Kids] model what they see at home.”

Then I bugged her about resources for Moms. Since we have this scary trend to reverse and we’re carrying the message, why shouldn’t we have the best tools?

Start by becoming a LiveWell Mom. This isn’t a lifetime commitment to treadmills and broccoli. It’s just receiving a newsletter in your inbox and an invitation to get involved using social media. If you see a great recipe on LiveWell Colorado’s Pinterest page – share!

Her final advice to mothers was simple. “Every day is a good chance to make healthy choices. Just because it’s the holidays and you overdo it, the next day is another day to make healthy choices. Being healthy doesn’t have to be something extra. Just making one small change can add up to meaningful change for yourself, your family, and your community.”

The interview didn’t end with me crying uncontrollably about the responsibility of motherhood. I felt really pumped to work with Moms like Tracy and the 1000+ around the state. They give me a little momentum and muscle. Are you ready to become a LiveWell Mom?

Tracy Boyle is the vice president of marketing and communications at LiveWell Colorado. She is best described as a dynamo and is the mastermind behind LiveWell Moms. Besides being an amazing professional, she’s also in the trenches with the rest of us. She’s actually a mom! She pursues her love for travel, new foods and Colorado’s great outdoors with her husband, daughter, and crazy dog Basil.

This is the first post in the “Moms Matter in Health” Series. Get ready to feel good!