Strong Enough.

Strong enough

strong-enoughIt hit me while I was carrying Middle E and Little A in from the car during a snow flurry. I am strong enough. I am strong enough to lift my children after they’ve had a tumble. I am strong enough to swing them onto the couch when we’re playing pirates. I am even strong enough to do the teeter-totter, although my quads protest a bit.

Our physical strength can transform the way we interact with our children. I started to think about all of the muscle groups that work together for a mother to care for a child. I thought about how many times women lift an infant car seat.  What about the physical requirements of hauling in bags of groceries and carrying baskets of laundry?

My introduction to strength training started in August last year. My friend was enrolled in a Boot Camp at our local gym and I thought it would be a good way to socialize with adults, which I desperately needed. I sometimes felt uncomfortable when I knew I was the weakest. Sometimes the weights felt awkward. I also asked the most questions and when I brought Big P’s water bottle, they called it a sippy cup. Some days I came with unshaven legs. Oh, and my athletic shoes were falling apart. The point is that it’s okay to be a mom, even at the gym. The worn shoes didn’t stop me from coming to learn. I eventually did buy a new pair of shoes, but I didn’t have a reason before.

The Mayo Clinic has defined some remarkable benefits for women who participate in strength training. My favorite ones are that strength training can help control weight and manage symptoms of depression. Hello, motherhood. You don’t even need a gym. You can do push ups and squats in the comfort of your living room. No shoes required.

Do you need reasons to start strength training?

I am grateful for the strength that allows me to whisk my children into a warm house without throwing out my back. When we take care of our physical health first we are in fact making life better for our kids.

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