Introducing Water, the Ultimate Stress-Free Summer Beverage

Here's a great read about non-health related reasons to choose water this summer. From Don't Panic Mom.

Tired of hearing the word, “healthy?” It seems like all media outlets are stuck on auto-replay. Including mine. I’m going to do you a favor today and sell you the benefits of water – and not mention health once. Er… I mean, the off-limits word.

I’d like to introduce you to the extraordinary beverage that’s stress-free. You won’t have to spend one minute pre-treating a water stain. You won’t find a sticky water puddle inside your car. Water is versatile and refreshing and inexpensive.

Here’s the official list of why water is the official Stress-Free Beverage of the Summer:

  1. It’s cheap.
  2. It doesn’t stain.
  3. It’s not sticky.
  4. It won’t ruin your outfit.
  5. It’s available anywhere beverages are sold.
  6. Blank canvas. It’s easy to flavor it with citrus and herbs.
  7. Water bottles come in exciting colors, shapes, and sizes. Lots of novelty and variety.
  8. It won’t ruin your car seats. 
  9. It dries fast.

Help me add to the list! Think about the funniest infomercial you have ever seen…Ready, GO!