Good Reads 06.07.2013

good-reads_headerI’m in Colorado Springs this weekend and it’s my goal to climb the Pike’s Peak Incline. I figured if I publicly stated my goal then I would have to actually follow through. I guess it’s all part of having a health-minded social network. Thanks, gang.

Here are some great stories from this week. I’m DYING to know what you think about this story from The Province about a 9-year-old asking the McDonald’s CEO about why it markets unhealthy food to kids. This is a great ethical question for all of us about what products should be marketed to our kids. Hmmmm… get back to me about this because it’s a really big issue.

The next story comes from Greatist Daily. I love reading about how companies creatively integrate wellness. This story covers Google and is aptly named, Why are Google Employees so Damn Happy? Most companies don’t have the capital to give away free healthy snacks, but the author has a few take away ideas that any company can implement. Go ahead and send the link to your boss…. they’ll take a hint.

Next here’s a really great piece about New York crusading against other sugary beverages. I’m interested to see how this one turns out. What’s your take on this New York public health ad?

If you haven’t read my latest Fort Morgan Times column, In Love With Safe City Streets, head on over. It’s funny because right after I wrote this piece I learned how our community might not have a lot of cyclist fatalities, but it certainly isn’t bike friendly. Not one inch of bike lanes.