Is “Healthy” Cool at Your House? 6 Ways Dad Can Help

Father's Day is just around the corner. Learn some fun ways that Dads can make a healthy home with these six ideas // Don't Panic Mom

Father's Day is just around the corner. Learn some fun ways that Dads can make a healthy home with these six ideas // Don't Panic Mom

My hunky husband makes a great partner when it comes to brainwashing our kids to love healthy food. He also is the main maintenance man when it comes to fixing bikes and installing playground equipment in our backyard. Father’s Day is coming up quick and I wanted to give a shout out to all of those dads who are actively making their home environments healthy.

The Department of Health and Human Services reported that a father’s involvement in his children’s lives is crucial to their health, well-being, and development. Dads, know that you’re not just a pretty face. You are a big deal.

Here are a few ways for you to make healthy living cool at home:

  • You are a celebrity to your kids. Just like Michael Jordan and Nike – the products you endorse make a big impression. Make sure you publicly enjoy fruits and veggies.
  • Be on the same page with your wife about food. It helps the kids when both of the big people in their lives say no to mountains of ice cream for dinner.
  • Allow for healthy living expenses in the family budget. Support healthy lifestyles that may include equipment and fees.
  • Make room in your weekend for time with your kids. Make special dates with your kiddos that involve movement like a bike ride, a jog around the block, or Frisbee golf.
  • If you haven’t already, learn to cook something from scratch. Start with one healthy dish. Pretty soon, you’ll have some miniature chefs eager to cook alongside you.
  • Compliment your wife when she makes a new healthy dish. Your kids will follow suit and look forward to eating healthier foods, too.

I’d love to hear creative ways dads are making healthy cool at home. Let us know in a comment below!

2 Replies to “Is “Healthy” Cool at Your House? 6 Ways Dad Can Help”

  1. Craig is awesome about getting outdoors with the kids and getting them involved in sports/biking/working out in the house when it’s cold, etc. I have a bazillion photos of the kids doing pushups with Daddy in the living room. I always laugh when I hear them with their little rears as high in the air as they can be saying, “Come on, Dad! This is easy!!”. Yeah Craig, that 2 minute plank is a breeze, what is your problem?!

    1. Wo Hoo! I think it’s so cool when parent’s reserve some of the “working out” for home and not just at a gym. I’m trying to get better at that. Sometimes in the morning I’ll do mountain climbers, crunches, and push ups with Big P. He’s up first so it’s become our little exercise date. We’ll work on a 2 minute plank!

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