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Happy Wednesday, my friends! I wanted to share my favorite little nugget from FitSocial 2013. I had the privilege to listen to Dr. James Hill discuss his thoughts on permanent weight loss. His answers didn’t include fancy equipment. Nope. He talked a lot about changing our environment. Our social environment. Our family environment. Work environment. You get the picture. An environment that supports physical activity will help everyone move more. Hanging out with active people will help you be more active. Seems simple, right?

But it’s not simple because we have created traditions, or as Dr. Hill referred to them, rituals. He said that rituals are more powerful than habits because they involve traditions with people. He gave some great examples of how some of the clients at the Anschutz Wellness Center decided to switch a coffee shop date with a walking date. The objective for the ritual was for his client to spend time with her father. They still spent time chatting together, but swapped a calorie-laiden scone for a calorie-burning walk. Perfect example. Sometimes I get stuck in a crap trap like this, too. It takes some serious thought to switch up a ritual or tradition.

At the conference I thought a lot about you, my readers. I wanted to start this blog because I thought I could rally together some like-minded moms who wanted to create a healthy environment without a big panic. Thank you for being part of my social environment. The thing is – I need your help. I want to put together a list of 30 healthy rituals to share on Pinterest. I’ll be asking you on the DPM Facebook page and on Twitter.

Have you made any rituals healthy this year? Have any plans to create a healthy ritual? Let me know? Even better, head over to Facebook and upload a photo! For example, have you started running in the morning instead of watching TV? Show us a pic of your running shoes!

More nuggets tomorrow and an amazing product review from Skirt Sports. Have a healthy day without the panic.

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  1. Nathanael says:

    I may not be a “like-minded mom”, but the healthy ritual that I started 6-ish years ago goes along with General Conference. We hold a “Climbing Conference” in between the Saturday Afternoon and Saturday Priesthood Session where we go bouldering at Mt. Herman. It has become even better since Brandon turned 12 and joins us. (Nate was there at the 0th Annual Climbing Conference!)

    1. Alli says:

      Like-minded dads are acceptable readers. Especially when they are making healthy rituals. Climb on!

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  3. Kymberly says:

    Oooh, I had forgotten this part of Dr Hill’s talk, which you so nicely sum up. Thanks for the scoop on rituals, habits, and traditions. Super important to make and KEEP healthy changes. Isn’t Dr Hill the ginchiest and the Anschutz Center gorgeous?

    1. Alli says:

      You are so much fun. Which is good- or else you’d have to change your URL. Thanks for stopping by!

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