More Favorites from #FitSocial

Want to be more active? Hang out with active people. @drjimhill #fitsocial

Hey Sweet Mamas! Here’s another great health nugget I heard from Dr. Jim Hill at FitSocial. I seriously could have listened to him for hours and hours. He talked a lot about social environments being a great way to lose weight or gain weight. We tend to do what are friends do. Are our friends typically talking to us about a great walking trail or the best new sitcom? He made a clear link between active people hanging out with other active people. A duh moment? I don’t know. It was important for me to hear it and think about my awesome readers.

Thanks for being my friends who encourage me to keep moving. Talk to you tomorrow – I’m off for a little walk to school. We’ll see if Big P worked hard on making his name legible… Fingers crossed.

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