Mummified Fruit {Easy Halloween Activity for Kids}

Mummified Fruit & Veg - Easy Halloween activity for Kids @dontpanicmom #Halloween #HealthyMummified Fruit Activity | Don't Panic Mom

Mummified fruit is just what my kids needed this weekend. This activity combines something creative, delicious, and festive. Plus, it’s nearly an effortless¬†activity to set up. All you need is various fruits and veggies, a few rolls of white gauze, googly eyes, and a hot glue gun. The gauze was about $1.40 per roll at Walmart. I bought two rolls and it covered about eight pieces of fruit. Wrap the fruit in horrifying mummy-style and gently attach the eyes with a little bit of hot glue. I made sure that I didn’t get any glue on the actual fruit. However, if you are only doing bananas- that peel can stand up to some permanent marker, stickers, glue, whatever. Allow your kids to enjoy the creative process of constructing the mummies. You should definitely join in the fun. Trust me. The grand finale of this activity is to dramatically unwrap your mummy and eat it. Here’s to a fun week! Up next tomorrow is a pumpkin crepe recipe. Yum.

Mummified Fruit | Don't Panic Mom Little-A-Wrapping-Pear Mummy-Wrapping Banana-Mummy Big-P-and-Pear