Easy Halloween Lunchbox

There are some gnarly Halloween colors present in fruits and veggies. This will make your Halloween lunchbox packing a breeze. As I type this, I laugh at myself that “Halloween Lunchbox Packing” is now an event in my life as a mother. Easy Halloween Lunchbox | Don't Panic Mom

I actually have a lot of fun making Big P’s lunches. My time-saving strategies include having loads of fresh fruits and veggies ready to stuff into containers and sandwiches. This week I stocked up on black seedless grapes, granny smith apples, mini bell peppers, yellow cherry tomatoes, and avocados. These black, green, and orange foods add a festive flair.

This lunch took me literally 5 minutes to pack because I already had cooked the whole grain rotini. I washed the produce and chopped the apple and avocado. I tossed the pasta with avocado, olives, lemon juice, and a dash of salt. Done.


This next lunch features an orange theme. This is perfect for a sweet kindergartner heading off to the pumpkin patch. I drew a Frankenstein image on a mozzarella cheese stick and tossed together other orange stuff I could scrounge in the fridge. Orange slices, orange mini bell peppers, and carrots made up his fruits and veg. I sprinkled the hard-boiled egg with chili powder, pepper, and salt. The sweet treat was a Nature’s Path Pumpkin-N-Spice granola bar. Of course I couldn’t resist adding a joke, always a corny one – that’s my style. 🙂


Hope these ideas were helpful as you begin your career tomorrow as a Master of Halloween Lunchbox Packing. Quite a nice touch to have on your Mom resume. Happy Halloween! I’ll post tomorrow about a Healthy Bones Halloween party in Big P’s classroom. Anyone else have good news about healthy classroom parties?