Ghost Toast & 8 Ways to Make Halloween Food Healthy & Fun

Ghost Toast and other stupid-easy ways to make Halloween fun without compromising your healthy momentum. ghost-toast_cu

Happy Halloween! I couldn’t wait another moment to share Ghost Toast with you. So here it is in all its simplistic glory. I think I was just geeking-out over the rhyme.

All you need is a ghost cookie cutter, slice of whole grain bread and nut or seed butter. I tucked a few ghost toasts in Big P’s lunch today with a schmear of almond butter and slices of banana.


Ghost Toast, Orange Heirloom Tomato stuffed with Tuna, Whole Grain Ginger Muffin, and Frankenstein Bolt Fruit Skewers (Black Seedless Grapes and Cantaloupe).

You might be asking, “Alli?! What is the point of this stupid-easy Halloween food? It just takes a piece of bread and a cookie cutter!!!!”Cookie-Cutters

My point exactly.

Fun and seasonal foods don’t need to feature junk to make them special. When you’re a Don’t Panic kind of mom, you don’t have to compromise your health standards due to a holiday. Instead it’s just the opposite. You can use the hype of a holiday to introduce new fruits and veggies. Or you can just repackage your healthy family favorites with a Halloween-twist.

It took me a good ten minutes to clean off my table for this shot.

I want to make healthy foods part of positive memories of being around the table together. Candle sticks are a guaranteed way to get my kids around the table for a family meal.

cupcake-liners joke Natural-Halloween-Colors Colored-Containers Stickers toothpicks

So, my dear Momma friends, use holidays to reinforce your ongoing healthy fare. It doesn’t need to be time consuming or difficult. These are my beyond-easy things you can do to make Halloween mealtimes both novel and healthy. What are you doing at your house to make it memorable without loosing your healthy momentum? I can’t wait to read your comments!

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8 Ways to make Halloween food memorable without backpedaling on your healthy momentum.


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