Healthier Super Bowl Snacking Round Up

Round Up for Healthier Snacking for the Super Bowl

Thank you Facebook friends for some great suggestions for healthier Super Bowl snacking! As usual, smart moms use special events to introduce new fruits and veggies to your kids. Even smarter moms keep a few fresh items on the table, no matter what the occasion. Your kids will start to expect to see that football shaped veggie tray every year. It’s nice to be surrounded by smart moms! Thank you fabulous readers for helping me stay on track. Add more healthy Super Bowl snacks in the comments below!

mango-salsaFresh Mango Salsa with Blue Corn Chips from Simply Recipes

cantaloupe and blueberriesCantaloupe and Blueberries on skewers
Broncos-HeaderBroncos Banana-Mango 5 Minute Ice Cream from Don’t Panic Mom

strawberry chocolate strawberriesFootball Chocolate Strawberries from Mental Floss

football helmet fruitWatermelon Football Helmet from the National Watermelon Promotion Board and Little Susie Homemaker

veggie platter footballFootball Veggie Platter via Pinterest

Broncos-Berry-Breakfast-Parfait Broncos Berry Breakfast Parfait from Don’t Panic Mom

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    Fun ideas! Thanks Alli.

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