Crazy about Broccoli and School Wellness

broccoli hat

Happy Friday, Friends. I am so lucky to have a community of supportive readers. I’ve had a tough week in the trenches of school wellness. I don’t feel defeated. I just feel tired. Really, really tired. The ball is rolling, but there’s a hill.

I am passionate about creating healthy environments for everyone. But I am especially passionate about improving environments where the kids are too young to advocate for themselves. Young children have little to no decision making power in what food reaches their plate or if they get to go out for recess.

Head over here if you haven’t read my recent piece for the Fort Morgan Times. It’s been creating a lot of dialogue in my community and on social media about food in the classroom. Some opinions are strongly in favor of reducing junk. Other opinions are that I must be completely crazy. I’m comfortable being crazy because reasonable school wellness policies will help improve student performance and reduce obesity.

I have spent all week thinking about what kind of resources I should be putting on the blog for Moms who want to learn more about school wellness and want to get involved. I’m still debating on what to call the series that doesn’t sound boring or clinical. How to be a School Wellness Ninja was on the list. You’ll find out next week. It will probably have the word Ninja in there somewhere.

Have a fabulous weekend! Thank you for reading. And please know when I say thanks, I mean it from the tip of my nose to the bottom of my toes. You help me stay focused and feel like I have a friend in the universe who likes broccoli, too. Did you notice that rockin’ broccoli hat? I’m trying to find the perfect veggie hat to wear in my next race. Is this the one? 😉

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  1. Chelsea Ellingson says:

    I’m on team crazy. 🙂

    1. Alli says:

      I’m so happy about that. Can you help me find the right hat?

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