Become a School Wellness Ninja: Lesson 1


Welcome to your School Wellness Ninja Training. Better known as SWNT. You can help change the health culture of your child’s school without drama or flashing lights. Note the dorky header. Ninjas are sleek and they can get the job done without those flashing lights.

The lesson for today is simple: Be quiet and act.

The work of school wellness requires only a few annoying advocates like me. But the real work of school wellness requires a bunch of Moms just like you. Moms that want to be part of the change, but may not feel comfortable up on the soapbox. Understand that you don’t have to be annoying to be effective. The ninja approach is very effective when it comes to school wellness.

Don’t talk about your fruit tray. Just bring it in. When other parents and teachers see fruit coming in – they will take notice.

Don’t trash talk birthday cupcakes. Just bring in dancing music and glowsticks. (I want to go to that party.)

Don’t talk about carrot sticks as a healthy snacking option. Just send those crunchy beauties to the classroom.

No one begins parenthood knowing the right snack for a room of 22 kindergartners. We watch other parents. Are you the kind of school wellness ninja that calmly sets an example?

UPDATE: Wellness Ninja Lesson 2, Wellness Ninja Lesson 3

I couldn’t ask for more supportive readers. Thank you for being in the trenches with me as we change the culture of health for our kids. Keep me posted with your feats of culture change on the Don’t Panic Mom Facebook Page.

Want more? I don’t blame you. Read this interview with Ann Cooper last year that got me thinking about school wellness.


5 thoughts on “Become a School Wellness Ninja: Lesson 1

    1. Alli Post author

      It’s so fun to connect with you! I’d want to read a poem about vegetables in the classroom… 🙂 There is room for all disciplines in childhood health. Thanks for stopping by, Lisa!

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