Cucumber Mummies with Rainbow Carrots

Cucumber Mummies with Rainbow Carrots | Don't Panic MomCucumber mummies. Yes. This is what I think about when I’m chopping up a cucumber during the month of October. I think Pinterest has warped my brain.

Whatever the state of my brain, this is a great activity to have out on the table while your prepping dinner, during a classroom party, or before the kids go trick-or-treating. Making mummies out of vegetables is also a brilliant way to have vegetable-adverse kids touch a carrot. Exposure to veggies doesn’t always have to be eating them, but usually when they’re presented in a different way you will probably see a bit of snacking.Mummy Cucumbers with Rainbow CarrotsCucumbers are inexpensive and you can usually find rainbow carrots in the organic section of a decent grocery store.  I scored this bag of organic rainbow carrots at a Sprouts Market for $1. The colors are fabulous and just scream Halloween.Cucumber Mummies with Rainbow CarrotsWhat you need:


  • For the Mummy’s body: 1 Cucumber, unpeeled, cut in angled slices
  • For the Mummy’s wrapping: 2-3 Rainbow Carrots, peeled
  • For the Mummy’s eyes: Dried currants, raisins, wild blueberries, pomegranate seeds, etc.
  • Favorite Dip or Dressing
  • Plates or Place mats
  • Bowls or Large Cutting Board


  • Place your materials on a table in bowls or on a large cutting board. Have place mats of plates for work space.
  • Invite your kids to dig in and create a fearsome mummy. When everyone is finished with their creation, have everyone go on a “tour” and walk around the table or desks to admire all the mummies.
  • Have homemade dips or dressings on the table for when they’re ready to eat their work.

Mummy Cucumbers with Rainbow CarrotsHave a great weekend and Happy Mummy Making!

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