I Get by With a Little Help From my (blogger) Friends

Blogger-FriendsI live in a community where healthy living isn’t mainstream. Sometimes I feel like I have five heads and thirteen googly eyeballs when I am checking out at the grocery store. “They are beets,” I tell the cashier, who is obviously annoyed that there are leaves dirtying the scanner and further more, no easy SKU to scan.

I resolved early when we moved here to embrace being different. I am the alien mother who eats beets. I can dig that.

I live in the leanest state in the nation (Colorado), but my corner of the state boasts the highest rate of childhood obesity. Also, when compared to the rest of the state, our kiddos are drinking more sugary beverages and have lower rates of fruit and veggie consumption. (Don’t get me started on the adult statistics. One word: Grim.)

I determined that I would maintain high standards at home and use my professional training to do what I could to make waves in the community and schools. 

(Read about my Toddler and Preschooler Exercise Program)

(Read about one of my School Wellness Projects)

But I can hardly take any credit. As I move mountains in my corner of the world, I have relied heavily on blogger friends for support, ideas, and a connection to a healthier reality.

Thank you. 

These professionals and bloggers have given me courage and advice. They have helped me make healthy normal. Secretly, I wish I could transport them all to be my next door neighbors. But I don’t know if they’d like life in my neighborhood on the Colorado plains. I literally live next to a busy railroad and down the street from a beef processing facility.

Thank you, friends! Keep writing – I’ll keep reading. 

Sally RM NutritionSally @ Real Mom Nutrition

KatieKatie @ Mom’s Kitchen Handbook

BettinaBettina @ The Lunch Tray 

chef annChef Ann @ The Chef Ann Foundation / The Lunch Box

(Read my interview with her here – yes – she actually took the time to call me. It gave me a lot of courage and momentum in my early days of school wellness.)

stacyStacy @ School Bites

yoniYoni @ Weighty Matters

jillJill @ Just the Right Byte

catherineCatherine @ Weelicious

MaryannMaryann @ Raise Healthy Eaters

brianBrian @ The Food and Brand Lab, Cornell University

Who is your online cheerleader for healthy families and communities?


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  1. I’m so honored to be on this list, Allison, and I hope you know that you inspire me as well. And while we might not all be able to live near each other, at least we can be part of the same “online neighborhood!” 🙂

    1. Alli says:

      Bettina, You are a ROCK star. I am so happy that Google led me to your page a few years ago.

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