Cutie Patootie Spoon Races

Cutie Patootie Spoon Races. Easiest Valentine's Day game to set up! Use different sizes of spoons for different ages or levels.

I wish I could take credit for this one. However, my kids get the gold stars for this post. Those little people are always engineering new games on their own. I was elbow deep in dishes and they were rummaging for spoons and cuties. I peeked at their game and realized it was genius. 

This game isn’t groundbreaking. But it shows how easy it is to plan something that doesn’t revolve around cupcakes. I’ve heard disappointed kids talk about school parties and they say with a sigh, “all we did was eat.”  Kids want to play and play and play. Usually it’s the adults who engineer the overload of food and neglect the games.

Cutie Patootie Spoon Races

This is a perfect game to play at a school party that combines a universally liked fruit and an active game. Ask a few parents to supply the cuties and another one to supply the spoons and you’re done.

The best part about the spoon race concept – it’s easy and endlessly adaptable. I’ve played variations with toddlers, teens, and adults. There are always laughs. If this game is foreign to you, don’t panic. You simply have participants line up and race across the room while balancing their cutie on a spoon. Alert! No touching with the other hand to stabilize. If they drop it, they need to start back at the beginning. Make sure you have clear guidelines on start and finishing lines.

Awesome Adaptations:

  • Use bigger spoons for younger kids. Serving spoons work great.
  • Use smaller spoons for older kids. The tinier the better.
  • If the group has mastered walking with the cuties – have them try doing lunges, walking backwards, march with high knees, etc.
  • Not enough spoons? or working on team building? Form teams and turn it into a relay race.
  • Up the ante for the relay and have each team member do a different move or use smaller and smaller spoons.

Cutie Patootie Spoon Races

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  1. ari says:

    In Spain we play this but holding the little spoon with the mouth and using a potato instead, and let the race start! pretty fun, actually!

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