Veggie Dinosaur Landscape


Getting kids to munch on raw veggies isn’t always easy. It’s especially difficult if they’re faced with an enormous bowl of veggies and instructed to chomp. Or Else.

That’s why I try to make veggies fun. When the focus is on play, it takes the pressure off. The pressure is off, but magically vegetables in their hands and there is no battle. Nearly always those vegetables go from their hands to their mouths and well. You know the rest.  Chomp.


Remember, it takes some kids several exposures to new foods before they try them. So, why not invite them to create?

Try this activity at home, daycare, or preschool:


  • Plastic Dinosaur – preferably an herbivore 🙂
  • Clean tray, platter, or baking sheet
  • Mixed Greens for grass
  • Any assortment of vegetables, some whole & some sliced (Try celery, radishes, pieces of cabbage, cauliflower, colorful bell peppers.)


Have your little friends wash their hands. Invite them to create a landscape for the dinosaur on top of the tray. Introduce the veggies one by one so they learn the name. Invite them to create bushes, trees, and other things that might be in a dinosaur habitat. Make sure to mention that everything is edible, too. Don’t forget to take pictures at the end.


This activity was a blast for my 5yo and 6yo. The radishes were meteorites. The cauliflower florets were trees. Etc. Etc. My boys munched as they went along. After they were satisfied with the landscape my 6yo insisted on making a nice backdrop for their creation.


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