• Recipes
  • My Go-To Pregnancy Salad

    The title is misleading because I eat this salad when I am not pregnant. Sorry if you feel misled. I realized that having a go-to combination of reliable yumminess helps me eat my greens when I’m feeling like Bleh. I’m pretty sure that’s nearly every day these days. But I can handle anything for a few […]

  • Out of the Crap Trap
  • DIY Corn Chips

    When I first saw a tutorial for DIY corn chips I believed with my whole-sodium loving heart that they couldn’t taste as good as the bagged variety. There was no way. One day we had a surplus of corn tortillas and no corn chips, so I grudgingly gave it a go. Not only were they […]

  • FearLESS Friday
  • Vegetable Intimidation.

    Who thought that blogging would lead me to chayote squash with thorns?  Buying this vegetable was easy. The tricky part was making it edible. This squash intimidated me. It was unwelcoming and my poor fingers can still remember the thorns. Raw, whole vegetables can sometimes take a little work to get on the table, especially […]