• Get Moving
  • Introducing Miles of Smiles

    Let me introduce Miles of Smiles, a fitness club for kids offered in Fort Morgan. It was crafted especially for young families who wanted more options than traditional organized sports. I was dreading t-ball after talking to a friend who mentioned that her five-year-old was bored waiting in line to hit the ball and even […]

  • FearLESS Friday
  • FearLESS Friday #12: Playgroup Snacks and Peanut Butter Yogurt Dip Recipe

      Are you ever nervous to bring healthier options to social gatherings? Are you worried about getting the reputation of that unapproachable free-range-organic-momasaurus? Or nervous that you might offend another parent because you’re doing something different? Don’t panic. You can make a point about healthy food without making a fuss or a scene. I attend a playgroup […]