Frosted Lemonade

Frosted Lemonade - Just in time for July heat! | @Dontpanicmom

I predict short posts all summer. This is due to a severe shortage of two-handed moments for me to type. Or two-handed moments to do the dishes. Or shower. But stinky life isn’t so bad when you have a tiny babe to kiss. It’s even better when you can kiss a baby AND sip on one of these […]

Mother’s Day Breakfast

Hello gorgeous readers! I have taken a temporary hiatus as I relearn how to care for a newborn. I have worn an haphazard ponytail for the past three days and have discovered bobby pins tucked into my hair that I didn’t even know were in there. But I love how motherhood throws me into a state of […]

My Go-To Pregnancy Salad

The title is misleading because I eat this salad when I am not pregnant. Sorry if you feel misled. I realized that having a go-to combination of reliable yumminess helps me eat my greens when I’m feeling like Bleh. I’m pretty sure that’s nearly every day these days. But I can handle anything for a few […]