Fitness & Health Bloggers Conference: Day One

Today was my first day attending the Fitness and Health Bloggers Conference. I am thrilled to be with so many professionals who are passionate about health. I am even more excited to be in an academic setting. The presenters today were fabulous.

Here is a shot of the delicious berries I devoured for breakfast. Happily provided by Driscolls Berries, a conference sponsor.

Let’s chew on my favorite health idea from today: Exercise is medicine.

This was brilliantly supported with evidence-based data.  But how do we use this ‘medicine’ in our families?

We make it part of our health culture of course! What traditions do you have in your family that involve being active?

Disclaimer: I received a scholarship from Refuel with Chocolate Milk to attend this conference.  More on chocolate milk tomorrow. I hope to get some great discussion and even debate on this current hot topic. The straws are gonna fly!

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  1. Exercise IS medicine! You’re right on, sister!

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