Introducing FearLESS Friday

FearLESS Friday is an excuse to try something new that will improve the health culture of your home. The goal of FearLESS Friday is to increase our confidence in making healthy changes. We’re all in some kind of food-rut. We stay on the safe side of the grocery aisle where we are perfectly comfortable.

Sometimes I am intimidated by a particular “healthy” ingredient, like whole wheat in this post. With a challenge like FearLESS Friday, I will have a consistent excuse to be brave. Plus, I’ve made FearLESS Friday into a game with my kiddos. They love to do “taste tests” and to peruse the produce department for a new fruit to try.

FearLESS Friday is where we wiggle outside of our comfort zone together. Some FearLESS Friday challenges will become a permanent part of your family, like using brown rice. Others are just to create an environment where new tastes are welcome. The typical healthy food fight becomes a game.

Use this fun challenge to:

  1. Try a new fruit
  2. Try a new vegetable
  3. Try a low-fat, plant-based protein like tofu
  4. Switch a refined grain for a whole grain
  5. Incorporate more healthy ingredients in a family recipe (e.g. use fat-free Greek yogurt instead of sour cream)
  6. Make something from scratch
  7. Try a new sport together
  8. Toss your box, drawer, or bag of junk food
  9. Dig out your running shoes and use them

Include your family in the FearLESS Friday challenge. Your kids will love discovering that those yellow, star-shaped fruits are really called Carambola.

Participate and stay in touch each Friday through: