I needed a reason to be fearLESS.

Sometimes it can feel uncomfortable when you are making healthy changes. I remember watching my less-than-toned body during my first Zumba class. Sixty minutes later, I felt really proud for doing something uncomfortable. It takes courage to be the “new girl” after years away from the gym.

I think it takes even more courage to make changes with our children. I remember our family’s transition away from daily chocolate milk and juice. A year ago I never thought my kids would request water. But moments ago, my 2 year old did just that!

I can’t remember what finally helped me decide to go back to the gym or start serving more water. But I did learn that change requires a little pressure and a little courage.  I needed a consistent reminder to keep making healthy changes. FearLESS Friday was born.

FearLESS Friday is the day every week where I leave my comfort zone. If there is a healthy ingredient that has intimidated me, I’ll try it on Fridays. It’s my excuse to make something from scratch, try a new whole grain, or actually use our soccer ball.

Here are some FearLESS ideas for LiveWell Moms:

  • Do a taste test between steel-cut oats and instant oatmeal
  • Try an interesting tropical fruit, like star fruit or ataulfo mangos
  • Use LiveWell Colorado’s BMI Calculator
  • Try a new vegetable, like leeks or parsnips
  • Dig out your running shoes and get moving
  • Switch your instant white rice for brown rice
  • Incorporate more healthy ingredients in a family recipe (e.g. use fat-free Greek yogurt instead of sour cream)
  • Make whole wheat bread from scratch
  • Toss your box, drawer, or bag of junk food
  • Try a low-fat, plant-based protein like tofu
  • Reorganize your sport equipment so it’s more accessible

Some FearLESS Friday challenges will become a permanent part of your family, like using brown rice or family walks. Others are just to create an environment where new tastes are welcome. Your kids will love the game of trying something new together whether it’s a food or sport.

My healthy heart brims full when my toddlers peruse the produce section for a new fruit to try. Here’s to being fearless and making permanent healthy changes.

Visit my blog to see how my first FearLESS Friday was received by my family.