Social Media: My Weight Management Secret

366,682. That’s how many miles have been shared on today when I started writing this post. 87,929,567 miles have been shared since its creation in 2008. I joined after seeing the widget on my friend Sarah’s blog. DailyMile is a free service that helps amateurs and pros track their miles, log their workouts, find races, and connect to other active friends.

I have documented 10 workouts so far. I can honestly say that two of these workouts ONLY happened because I wanted to add more miles to my DailyMile log. This has been a great accountability tool for me. At the end of the day, I want to share on Facebook that I actually ran. I’m slow – but I am still moving! I also love to read what it says under my profile picture: “Athlete.” Ha! I’ll take it!

In the book Connected by Nicholas Christakis and James Fowler, they show how our social network impacts our happiness, health and even our weight. Their number crunching was impressive and compelling. Healthy people tend to hang out with healthy people. Another book that jumped on board with their findings was The Social Network Diet by Miriam Nelson and Jennifer Ackerman.

The take-home message from these books: You impact your friends. You are impacted by your friends. You are impacted by your friends’ friends. Not just in how you dress, but in big things like your health. You are powerful when you choose water at lunch. This extends to your online communities.

Let the Don’t Panic, Mom Community be part of your social network. Share your successes on Twitter and Facebook. It will only take a moment, and that moment will help another mom decide what she’s feeding her kids for lunch. It’s proven science, so come on!

I created Don’t Panic, Mom! because I needed a community of likeminded mammas. Thanks for joining me. I need you.

The Don’t Panic Mom
Fort Morgan, CO

P.S. Right now I have zero Facebook friends using I’d love to have one! Will it be you?
P.P.S. 372623. That’s the number of miles shared today on when I finished writing post.