Who Cares About Calcuim? and Adora Calcium Supplements Give Away

I used to think that supplements were just an excuse to avoid good eating. That’s until I met my children. Some days they will eat anything I put in front of them. Other days they put up a fight. Yes, even at the Don’t Panic Mom dinner table. Big P has a line that goes a little like this, “but I can’t eat the vegetables.” Your kid might say the same thing about drinking her milk. Or maybe he indignantly says yogurt is too slimy.

There are foods that we serve constantly to children because they need certain nutrients for development. So when they push away their source of calcium – we panic! All you need is a little creativity and finding different ways to meet your child’s recommended calcium intake. Yikes. That sounds really clinical. But it’s good to know how much to aim for for developing strong bones. Tweens and teenagers need the most calcium for bone growth, and the American Academy of Pediatrics reports that they aren’t getting it.

What are some of the best sources of calcium?

  • Most foods in the milk group: milk and dishes made with milk, such as puddings and soups.
  • Cheeses: mozzarella, cheddar, Swiss, Parmesan, cottage cheese.
  • Yogurt.
  • Canned fish with soft bones, including sardines, anchovies, salmon.
  • Dark-green leafy vegetables, such as kale, mustard greens, turnip greens, bok-choy.
  • Tofu, if processed with calcium sulfate.
  • Tortillas made from lime-processed corn.
  • Calcium-fortified juice, bread, cereal.
  • (List from the American Academy of Pediatrics)

Are you are having a tough time meeting your child’s calcium requirements through a traditional diet? Ask your child’s medical provider if a supplement is a good idea.

I first tried Adora Calcium Supplements at the Fitness and Health Bloggers ConferenceAt first glance I approved this product because they have a short ingredient list and only 30 calories a disk. I thought they would be chalky, but they are surprisingly smooth. I especially liked the taste of the dark chocolate disks. I also appreciated having a calcium supplement because I don’t have the best diet when I’m traveling. I happily areed to have my family try both the milk chocolate and dark chocolate disks. My kids loved them and for extra measure I had two sets of great-grandparents try them.  They were almost unanimously accepted as yummy.

Do you need a little help meeting your toddler, tween, or teenager’s calcium requirements? Adora Calcium Supplements may be an ally while you help them learn to include calcium in their regular diet.

Do you want a chance to win 2 bags of Adora Calcium Supplements?

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Still want to know more about calcium? Check out these links!

Look at this list to see how different foods measure up in supplying calcium from the National Institutes of Health.

Have a teen or tween? Read this article called Calcium: The Bone Builder from the American Academy of Pediatrics.

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  1. Honetlsy, my favorite way to eat my calcium is through the dark chocolate Adora disks! SO good. I slice it into small pieces and sometimes top them on my smoothies. The best way though is to slice it up and put them on protein pancakes (or any pancake) and let the chocolate begin to melt. YUM!

  2. katie seamons says:

    I’d give it a try! I love me some chocolate and calcium?! Rodney doesn’t have a problem…me? Yes, I rarely get my calcium in!

  3. katie seamons says:

    I liked you on Facebook! I’m digging the blog. I have been feeding rodney the fruit snacks and have eaten too many myself. but I have committed to not buying another box at sams. we are making a few changes around here. I’ve been inspired by chelsea! What I would love to see more of are what you eat for dinner. Maybe a week of your families dinners. we have been eating much, much better for about a month now. But we need some more variety! I love a stirfry more than the next person but we need some new meals.

    1. Alli says:

      Thanks for reading! I’ve got a whole series coming up on dinners. Thanks for the suggestion. I’m always all ears.

    2. Alli says:

      You’re the Winner!

  4. Kim says:

    We love our milk around here, and I have a daughter sho absolutley LOVES cheese… and a toddler that could eat his weight in yogurt but I do have a son that is a lot more picky than the others… So we would love to try the (healthy) chocolate calcium. 🙂

  5. Kristin King Hess says:

    Are all calcium supplements equal? Are there certain ingredients to look for in a multivitamin or calcium vitamin? Or are they just not as effective?

    1. Alli says:

      The best thing to do if you are considering a supplement is to ask your health care provider if they would suggest it for you. Even with an amazing diet, there are some nutrients that we may overlook or miss. Most doctors agree that a multivitamin is a great idea for any woman in child-bearing years. (That just means somewhere in between your first period and 35 years old). Ask your doc for brands that they suggest.

      As for calcium supplements, look for ingredients that can aid the absorption of calcium, like Vitamin D. Adora is great because it is low-calorie, great tasting, and contains Vitamin D for better absorption.

      Thanks for a great question! Happy multi-vitamin hunting!

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