FearLESS Friday #18: Fruit Faces at Play Group and Giveaway

I am still a bit nervous when I serve healthy food at social events. Sometimes my fresh fruit doesn’t compete well with doughnut holes. Boo. I like being popular. But I can feel good knowing that actual fruit showing up to the potluck, playgroup, or work party means that the opportunity is there.

This week I was assigned snacks for our playgroup. I brought some Mini Carrot Pumpkin Muffins and fruit for Fruit Faces. Have you ever done fruit faces with your kids? The concept is so wonderfully simple: make faces out of fruit. If you just vary the shapes and colors the kids will have a blast flexing their creative muscles. This is a great way to introduce new fruits to kids or reintroduce ones that they have previously sworn off. I also have my kids create works of edible art while I am finishing preparing a meal. It buys me a little more time and they are getting a serving of fruit. Double bonus. This Friday I decided to take this family tradition to playgroup. I didn’t buy anything weird or fancy. I just cut up what we had on hand. The carrot ribbons are a new idea that I thought would make great hair and according to Big P they make good mustaches. Check it out:


This week we had gobs of social events in honor of Halloween. Were you fearLESS and did something to help improve the health culture of Halloween? I have a giveaway for a lucky Don’t Panic Mom community member who helped make Halloween a bit better for our kids. This giveaway features Organic Oikos Greek Yogurt and Kretschmer Wheat Germ. Simply leave a comment below and on the Don’t Panic Mom Facebook Page with what you did, and you’ll be entered into the giveaway.

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  1. Brittany Braun says:

    Since we’re trying to eat healthier in our home I decided things would be different this year for Halloween. So I decided to limit our kids this year to two pieces of candy for the night and to cook a healthy Halloween meal instead of grazing on candy and junk food all night. I made it fun by decorating the table, getting fun straws for our drinks and naming the food. I made magick potion (smoothies), monster fingers (chicken fingers), and swamp water (lentil soup, and split pea soup) for dinner. Later after we carved our pumpkins we snacked on homemade sweet hummus with homemade Halloween shaped graham crackers, witches hats (blue corn tortilla chips) and salsa. In the end we had a great mini Halloween party as a family and I’m glad I chose to leave “Mr. Junk” and “Mrs. Candy” of of the guest list… It’s not like we them missed anyway. With the exception of the 2 pieces of candy I would say operation healthy Halloween was a success and that makes me a proud and happy momma!

    1. Awesome! Thanks for sharing your fun Halloween-themed menu!

  2. We did orange and black themed food: raisins, carrots, cheddar cheese…

    1. That’s really cute!

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