Help Me Create an Active Winter Wish List

Sometimes I just need to make a check list. Do you operate this way, too?

There’s the blessed post-it note, dry-erase board, back of an envelope, or even that fancy app for my smart phone that I only used once. After posting about active indoor play this week, I realized I needed to make a Active Winter Wish List. It will feature of all of the active things our family wants to do together while its chilly. Then when we are snowed in and bored, ta da, reference the list.

This summer we made a wish list on a chalkboard.


It was nice having it in such a public place and it definitely helped get us to some fun events that we would have otherwise forgotten. There’s just too much other stuff competing for brain space. This made it easy to remember.

Here’s the part where you come in. Will you help me fill up the list? Post a comment or link with your ideas. Crazy, goofy, cheap, expensive, small, or elaborate. I want to hear them all! I’ll share my family’s final list along with a darling free-printable for your own Active Winter Wish List. Ready, Set, Go!

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  1. We may head over to Greeley for some ice skating. Do most places have buckets for little kids?

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