FearLESS Friday #23: Rec Department Committee Appointment


I’ve wandered far outside of my comfort zone this week. I bet you’re thinking I found an exceptionally weird vegetable. Sorry to disappoint. I’ve applied to be part of an ad hoc committee to review the City of Fort Morgan’s recreation programs.

What does this mean? Fort Morgan wants to improve its recreation department. They are creating a committee of regular folks to review the department and make recommendations. Sounds really boring and technical. But it has a wonderful goal – a healthier community.

Do recreation programs improve health? A quick Google Scholar search yielded thousands of studies showing benefits from improved mental health to lower rates of chronic diseases like Type 2 Diabetes. Do I believe it? Yup. I’ve run miles on well-maintained trails and twirled my way through toddler classes.

This appointment will be a steep learning curve for me. City governments operate in a goofy way. You need to make motions, second motions, vote, follow a formal agenda. It’s almost as bad as PTO meetings. When I’m hired as a consultant I make the agenda and I get to talk when ever I want. I even get paid.

FearLESS Friday is all about stretching ourselves to improve health. This stretch is worth it because it’s going to make healthy choices in Fort Morgan easier and more accessible. Sweet. My name is going to be recommended to the city council tomorrow night. I’ll let you know if they say “yay” or “nay.”

Want to read more about the power of recreation programs?

Are you a Fort Morgan resident? What programs do you love? hate? want to see added?

Read more about the committee from an article in The Fort Morgan Times, Fort Morgan recreation committee begins evaluation work.