FearLESS Friday #24: Competing with Streusel Topping



I arrived late at playgroup and placed my beautiful whole grain muffins along side some other not-so-whole-grain muffins. Mine had almonds and blueberries to entice. The other muffins had sugary streusel topping to entice. In these moments I feel like there’s a little competition going on. It’s a test of my ability to market healthy foods. I’ve got to sell health like it’s attractive, cool, approachable, and well… totally amazing. My motive? I just really like people. I like people so much that I want them to enjoy a life free of preventable chronic disease.

Unfortunately, I left playgroup with a bowl still mostly full of muffins.


So, next time I’ll just have to bring a sign that says something like this:



This gentle reminder might help next time I bring whole grain muffins to a social function. Later in the day a friend dropped by and tried a muffin on her way way out the door. She said she preferred it to a cinnamon roll. And really, who wouldn’t with the flavors of vanilla, molasses, cinnamon, and the light crunch of sliced almonds? Ha! Take that, store-bought refined grains!

This series will end next week with FearLESS Friday #25. I hope it’s helped you make a few courageous decisions to improve your health.

Want to read a great article about cupcakes? In most cases they are a calorically better option than the monster-sized muffins you buy from a grocery store. Check out Consider the Cupcake: A Barometer of American Taste by Tamara Duker Freuman over at US News Health.

Want to read more about the benefits of eating whole grains? Check out this article from WebMD, The Whole Grain Council, or ChooseMyPlate.gov.



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  1. katie seamons says:

    You tempt us with telling us how yummy they are and they look delicious… NO RECIPE??!! Alli!!!

    1. I’ll make them again for playgroup just for you. This time I’ll write down what I did!

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